10th Year's anniversary competition (Result)

Siam Kyudo Kai was established in 2010 with the purpose to gather all Kyudo practitioner in Thailand and to share Kyudo knowledge to everyone.
10 years have passed since then. 
Along the way we have been blessed with many member from Japan, Thailand and the rest of the world. Together, we help each other and walk through the long road of Kyudo. 
To celebrate the 10th year anniversary of the club foundation, 
we held the first internal competition on 29-NOV-2020. 
Activities covered Yawatashi, Taihai demonstration, Individual and Team Competition, 
Kin Mato shooting.

The event started with an opening speech from Mr. Sanguan Kosavinta, 
the president of National Archery Association of Thailand. 
Then we had Yawatashi performed by Mr. Kosakul Punyavardhana, 
Mr. Paolo Moscatelli and Ms. Gaysinee Paungphet. 

The next event was Taihai performed by Mr. Naoyuki Yamate, Ms. Miwa Kitazawa and Ms. Gaysinee Paungphet. 
The competition was very exciting and a first experience for many of our members.

The 2020 Individual Competition winner is Mr, Pachara. 
The 2020 Team Competition winners are Korsakul, Lily and Zuu.

The Event was a success. 
As founders of the Siam Kyudo Kai, we are very happy to pass on the knowledge, passion and joy of Kyudo to the new generation of practitioners in Thailand. 
We also appreciate the help and support from every member. We could not remain as today without you.
Thank you very much.  

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