2019: 108 Arrows Shooting.

108 arrows shooting is our traditional event and take place before end of the year. We did it again in 8-DEC-2019. 
This time was real fun as many members participated in the event, it was a nice and fresh day in Bangkok. 

We started early from 8:30 am to set up the field together. 
After a small briefing, we started the event and pushed our self to the limits.  

We aimed to pass 54 mark before taking a lunch break. 
We refilled our self with food and snacks from Yamate-san and everyone, 
then we continued shooting.

We finished the event at around 5:00 pm. 
We would like to congratulate every member who shot their 108 arrows and hope it will lead to a good improvement in your Kyudo technique. 
Korsakul, Paolo and Setthanan were the top 3 participants 
who finished 108 arrows hitting the most at the mato, 
they received an award from Yamate-san. 
We also presented a special award to the best shot of the day to Peesut.
Finally, we had some small injuries during the event which will turn to be a good lesson, mostly on the hands and arms. 

We hope new member can join this event soon.

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