Early this year JAPAN EXPO was held again in Thailand 
from 25 to 27-JAN-2019 at Central World. 
This time a special event was added :
A Kyudo performance to the show on stage. 
Siam Kyudo Kai attended to support and perform the Kyudo demonstration.

The preparation for equipments and tools needed was not easy due to time constrain and communication. 
Thank you to a great support from Mr. Naoyuki Yamate, our senior member, 
and everyone from SKK that helped, 
we successfully got everything ready on time. 

We have met Mr. Takayuki Yoshioka , Ms. Yuko Takaku, and Ms.Yuko Katsuya, the main Kyudo demonstrators from Japan. 
Together we cooperated and performed Kyudo demonstrations. 
It was quite exciting and challenging as there were so many visitor. 

Through the event, we were very happy to be able to demonstrate and answer all the questions on Kyudo from the visitors.
We would like to thank Mr. Yoshioka again who provide us this chance and also every member of Siam Kyudo Kai who helped make this a successful event. 

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