4th International Seminar and Special International Provisional Chuo Shinsa (Tokyo)

This year the International Kyudo Seminar and Shinsa (rank test) was held in Tokyo, Japan at Chuo and Shinsenkan dojo at Meiji shrine.
The seminar covered the first 3 days and the shinsa the last day.

Four of our Siam Kyudo Kai attended this time to improve and challenge our self.
From left, Setthanan, Korsakul, Patchara and Gaysinee
As we reach the door of the dojo, we met with our Kyudo friends from all over  the world.
This made us very happy. It felt like meeting a family. Hoff sensei, Chris from Malaysia, Jeremy from Singapore and many other.

Together with Hoff sensei

Chris and Jeremy
We also met my team mate from Taiwan during Nidan shinsa, Jason, Maria and Ming-jie. Lok and Ming and many more were also there.
(Thank you for all the souvenirs. They are all very tasety!)

Yamaguchi sensei, my first sensei, and Yoshi-san also come to support and cheer for us.
It made me very happy to meet both of them.

Together with Yamaguchi sensei

Everyone with Yoshi-san
So many people participate this time! The seminar was a bit crowded but still intense.
All the sensei  provided a great support and advice. We learn, improved and also made a lot of new friend during seminar.

We have tried our best in training and give it all we can in Shinsa. As the result were made publish. We are proud to know that we have 3 new Nidan: Gaysinee, Patchara and  Setthanan!
We are very happy to see our member successfully move into another step in Kyudo.
As for myself, I will keep improving and challenge my practice to test Sandan again in future.
It is a great result.

After shinsa, we also had a chance to shoot together with Yamaguchi sensei again in Sumida dojo.
It is very fulfilling and that is the end of our Kyudo journey this time.

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