3rd Southeast Asia Kyudo Gathering 2017

In October 2017,
Siam Kyudo Kai was honored to host the 3rd Southeast Asia Kyudo Gathering,
an international gathering event for Kyudo practitioner in Southeast Asia (SEA).


The first gathering was created by the Malaysia Kyudo Association in 2015,
followed by Singapore in 2016.
The purposes of this event are to build and foster friendship, knowledge sharing, co-training among Kyudo communities in SEA and also promoting Kyudo in the region.


The event was held on 21 and 22 October 2017.

Medals award for individual competition and 
Trophy from General Prayut Chan-o-cha, prime minister of Thailand for team competition winner.

The location of the event was graciously offered by the 
National Archery Association of Thailand
 at the archery field of Rajamangala Stadium.
A specialized team and some of the SKK members transformed the field into a Kyudo seminar hall.

Early morning the first kyudoka arrived for registration

We were happy to receive a record of 50 participants in total from 8 countries.
 12 from Thailand, 9 from Malaysia,  8 from Singapore, 8 from Vietnam,  3 from Japan,  8 from Hong Kong, one from Taiwan, and one from Germany.

Siam Kyudo Kai

Malaysia Kyudo Association

Singapore Kyudo

Hanoi Kyudo

University of Tsukuba

Hong Kong Kyudo Association

Taiwan Kyudo Association

Kyudojo Frankfurt e.V.

The event officially started with the opening speech by Mr. Sanguan Kosavinta,
president of National Archery Association of Thailand

followed by Yawatashi ceremony by Mr. Korsakul Punyavardhana,
president of Siam Kyudo Kai together with Mr. Hiroaki Ogura and Mr. Suthast Phetmanee as Kaisoe.

The program for the first day allowed practice and co-training followed by qualification rounds for individual and team competitions.

Co-training and qualification round

The weather was challenging for a moment as it rained heavily on the field

As an early surprise result, we recognized the winner of individual competition Ms. Andrea Kralik (No.43) from Tsukuba University, Japan, with a clear unmatched score of 6 hits with 6 arrows.
2nd and 3rd runners up were Mr. Takeshi Saito (No.49) and Ms. Rebecca Liew (No.11)
from Malaysia Kyudo Association.
The gold, silver and bronze medals were presented to the winners.

Winner from individual competition

A honorary gold medal was presented to Ms. Gaysinee Paungpetch (No.26),
one of our distinguished SKK member,
as a recognition of the very essential role in organizing this wonderful event.

Honorary medal

Team competition involved 4 team of 3 kyudoka per country,
 Thailand,  Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore

Team competition

The result of team competition is as shown in table below.

2nd Runner up
3rd Runner up
Vietnam 1
(Hanoi Kyudo Club)
Siam 1
(Siam Kyudo Kai)
(Malaysia Kyudo Association)
Mr. Minh Tuan Le (No.18)
Mr. Setthanan Leesowan (No.24)
Mr. Yu Meng Chiang (No.34)
Ms. Thuy Duong Nguyen (No.06)
Mr. Pachara Puwaprapachart (No.25)
Mr. Hon Leong Lai (No.21)
Mr. Shuichi Hatori (No.31)
Mr. Naoyuki Yamate (No.47)
Mr. Hiro Ow Yong (No.35)

The trophy from General Prayut Chan-o-cha, prime minister of Thailand 
is presented to the winner team on center stage
flanked by Vietnam on the right and Malaysia on the left

Winners from team competition

Kinteki and Zenteki competition

The result for kinteki,
2 members from Siam Kyudo Kai successfully hit the elusive kinmato,
Ms. Mizuho Yamada (No.42) and Mr. Hiroaki Ogura (No.48)
Winners of Kinteki competition

The result for Zenteki,
Mr. Siu Fung Shum (No.08) from Hong Kong was the winner.

Winner from Zenteki competition

The remaining time in the afternoon was dedicated to taihai and shaho-hassetsu training
by senior members from all participant countries.

Co-training and knowledge sharing

As the second day event successfully ended,
we felt we have made another important page of Kyudo history in Thailand.
To be able to meet Kyudo friends, seniors and juniors, it felt like meeting a family.
We have come together to practice, learn and improve our Kyudo skill. 

I would like to say thank you very much again for all sponsors
 General Prayut Chan-o-cha,
National Archery Association of Thailand,
SMC Organize,
 Siamhardware Group co.,
ltd, S-Coffee and T.C.Siam Drink water

I would like to thank also Ms. Gaysinee and her team,
Mr. Ogura, Mr. Yamate, our members, our friend from all over the world
and all participants who keep supporting us.
We would not be able to have this very successful event without all of you. 

Thank you very much and see everyone again in near future. 

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