2nd Seminar with Hoff Sensei

During the last week of December 2016
we had the honor to meet again Hoff sensei.
This was the second time that we were able to arranged a 2nd seminar with Hoff sensei in Thailand.
With the support from the National Archery Association of Thailand,
we have secured the archery field for two days.
This year setup was improved and organized far more better than the last time
because of the support from Khun Gay and other members.
We set up a stage,  a wood pattern mat, flag,  and makiwara stand.
It did improve our seminar and training environment to to the next level.

Khun Sanguan Kosawita,
a president of National Archery Association of Thailand,
gave us the honor to open the seminar.
The 2nd seminar started with a speech from Hoff sensei
followed by an opening shooting performance called Sharei.

Every participant received advices and guidance from Hoff sensei after performing Hitote gyosha. Hoff sensei teaching covered in all basic, technique, lecture in theory
and also question/answer session.  

The training went smoothly with clear explanations from Hoff sensei and great benefit to all the kyudoka attending the seminar.

We really appreciate the warm support from Hoff sensei,
  the National archery association of Thailand and every Siam Kyudo Kai member.
We will keep practicing hard and hope to meet Hoff sensei again in near future.

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