Shinnen shakai 2017 and a Happy New Year!

Welcoming the start of 2017, we have our first shooting event of the year following our custom from first arrow shooting, kin mato and zenteki on 8 January.

The first arrow of the year shot by Ogura-san during opening shooting.

Next, we challenge the strongest Kin mato which survive for 3 years. Yamate-san almost able to defeat it. The arrow is just a milometer away. The force is still strong with this one. We will try again next year!

The last event is zenteki. After a few round, Khun Tang successfully hit it. Everybody sign the fan and wish to winner.
Finally, an award ceremony sponsor by Yamate-san. Also a new year gift from Khun Gay, a first Siam Kyudo Kai pin! We had a lot of fun today.

In past thorough year 2016, I would like to express gratitude to National archery association of Thailand, Yamaguchi sensei, Hoff sensei, our member in Japan and Thailand for a warm support.

We have improved a lot again. 2nd generation member acquired shodan in Asia Oceania seminar & shinsa. Our shooting environment improves to another step by the help of current member. And also a successful seminar with Hoff sensei and etc... It is really a wonderful year!

We wish you all the best in 2017.
Happy New Year!

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