Visitor from Taiwan and new Japanese member!

Last Sunday, 27-NOV-16, the temperature becomes a bit lower in Bangkok. It is start to feel like winter. 
Amelie, a kyudo practitioner from Taiwan association and her friend come to visit us. We had a good time practicing and discussing on Kyudo in Thailand and Taiwan.
She also come with a greeting from my kyudo friends during Nidan Shinsa, Jason, Maria and Ming-jie. I am sure that we will meet again. Maybe in Japan, Taiwan or Thailand and shoot together again in future. 

Also, Naoko-san has come to practice with us for the first time. We are happy to have more member who love to practice Kyudo. 

And last, Anthony, our youngest member, shoot his first arrow at mato-mae(28m). He work hard practicing a basic for quite some time and keep improving. This also make us quite happy.

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