Yamaguchi Sensei. The return of founder master!

Another great event occurred in March 2016,
 Yamaguchi sensei, our founder master, came to visit us in Bangkok, Thailand. 
The history of Siam Kyudo Kai starts way back in 2008 from the day when Yamaguchi sensei
accepted me as his Kyudo student.
He built the first kyudojo at Horseshoe Point, a resort and country club close to Pattaya.
 During those time I met Katsushika-san and Paolo
who joined me to became the founding members of Siam Kyudo Kai as today.
Masatake Yamaguchi Sensei
Horseshoe point Kyudojo
I was very happy to be able to meet our sensei after 5 years.
 We were able to show our improvement and also introduce our new generation of SKK members. 

We received a cheerful teaching and guidance during our practice.
 Yamaguchi sensei also donated several equipment that will help new students
improve and practice Kyudo avoiding the initial expenses.

After practice, we had a very enjoyable lunch together.
We discussed how we will keep improve our skill and also about Kyudo in Thailand
as one day having a formal kyudojo.
We wish Yamaguchi sensei a good health and hope to see him again in near future. 

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