Kyudo Seminar with Feliks F. Hoff Sensei (End)

Our first Kyudo seminar in Thailand has successfully concluded on 07 February, 2016.
We started early in the morning by cleaning and setup the field,
the temperature on that day was surprisingly cold for the season!
After everything was set ready, all participants lined up and prepared for the opening ceremony.

Mr. Sanguan Kosavinta, the president of National Archery Association of Thailand, gave us the honor of attending the ceremony making the opening speech followed by a speech from Hoff sensei. Afterward, we continue with Hitote gyosha, every kyudoka in rank order shot 2 arrows and received a comment and lesson from Hoff sensei. 

We have learned a lot in one day and realized again how important the basic is, everyone received an advice on points which went missing in their shooting.
Hoff sensei kindly explained in detail and guided each participant,
 he also thought us to check and correct our Ashibumi and line up our body.(Sanju jumonji)
We learned more about tenouchi and improving it during the day.
 The seminar ended with happiness and gratitude.

As a representative from Siam Kyudo Kai and all participants,
 I would like to express our gratitude to Feliks F. Hoff sensei for spending his time to teach us.
We will improve our self and hope to see you again in the near future.

I also would like to say thank you again to everyone from National Archery Association of Thailand and also our members who help organizing this event.
This seminar would have not been possible without your help and support.

PS: I will need to learn more from our senior, Howard Houng, on being a MC in kyudo seminar. Thank you for being there for us through past seminar. = )

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