Kin mato is strong!

108 & Kin Mato shooting have become our routine new year activities. And we complete it again in 2016. After ceremony shooting by Miyake-san and Yamate-san, we did a bit shooting as warm up before start to shoot Kin mato.

Seeing from 28 meter, kin mato looks as a small yellow dot over backstop.
It never fail to make me think how difficult it was to hit it.
In order to encourage everyone, Yamate-san kindly provide a gift for winner, a Starwar tenugui!

Unfortunately, the force is strong with this Kin mato. We are very close but not exactly hit it.
Kin mato survives another year.

Afterward, I keep continue with 108 shooting and end it using around 6 hours. I have learned a lot and had a muscle pain all over the place for couple day as usual.

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