Farewell to Yoshi-san and SKK's First Senteki

May 31 was the last day of Kyudo practice for Yoshi-san
because he has to go back to Japan.
 Everyone gathered at the archery field and started shooting.
However, it was a special day for Yoshi-san,
so we set up our first Senteki.

Senteki is a ceremonial type of shooting involving a folding fan as a target.
All the members try a first shot at the fan,
folded and closed for the majority of the folds but only one open.
At every turn if there are no hits, the fan will be opened 1 step larger. 

As result, Yoshi-san's arrow pierced through the fan at the third fold.
He is our first winner for SKK's Senteki!

We had some more fun together before saying goodbye.
As the president of Siam Kyudo Kai,
I would like to say thank you very much again.
You have contributed a lot and helped to move Kyudo in Thailand to next step. The year which we spent practicing together was remarkable and very enjoyable.
You will always be an honorary SKK's member.

We wish all the best for you, your family and work.
Please keep in touch.
 I know that we will meet again in Japan or even in Thailand in future. 

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