End of 4th Asia Oceania Seminar and Shinsa

4th Asia Oceania seminar and shinsa for group A is successfully end. This year seminar start with rain and it is more colder than last year. 

Even only myself attending to seminar and shinsa alone, it does not felt like it. A first step into dorm and dojo, I meet my previous roommate, kyudoka friends who overcome the shodan test together and all familiar face. We greet and hug after a year pass. It make me felt like return to home.  

The 3 days seminar is very intense and impressive as usual. By receiving the teaching from many senseis, I have improved my skill again in very short time.

This year, I have a chance to be in Omai position for shinsa. It is whole new experience and it is very exciting as we do not have much chance to practice taihai in Thailand. The day as Omai seems to be longer than usual. But with lesson from senseis and my shinsa team who have patience and help me with Omai practice, I pass Nidan test!  

However, the fun is not end after Shinsa. This year, we have a special friendly competition at Meji-mura kyudojo. An old wooden dojo, mossy green field and thatched roof matoba, it is very beautiful.  
Also, it is an very honor. Her imperial Highness Princess Takamado attends to the competition.

At last, I would like to express my gratitude to evey senseis, IKYF staffs and all kyudoka friends for these great experience and hope to see everyone again next year!

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