Another step into the way of the bow and a great encounter.

Winter time is about to leave Bangkok.
Last Sunday morning was good, quiet and windy during our practice session.

Mr. Niwat Kongpien, a great columnist, photographer and art critic,
who write exquisite essays on women's beauty
also known in Thailand as "The guru of nude", 
has come to visit us to see our Kyudo practice and demonstration. 
It is an honor to meet a very unique and interesting individual.
We had a enjoyable discussion,
Mr. Niwat is also attracted to Kyudo by the beauty of Japanese bow,
reminding us how Kyudo fundamentals are about truth, 
goodness but also beauty and grace.
His work can be found at :

This Sunday was also an important moment for our new member Ya,
he shot his first arrow at 28 meters after 6 months of training.

It make me feel very happy to see our member improve and move to another step in Kyudo training. 
I would like to say thank you to Miyake-san, Yoshi-san,
Paolo and everyone who help teaching him.
 Congratulation to Ya!

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